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Unable To Connect To Netflix From Windows 10? Here Are Some Solutions

Connect To Netflix From Windows 10

By implementing simple and easy steps, you can easily troubleshoot the problem of ‘Not being able to connect to Netflix from windows 10’ OS. Today, we will discuss all those steps which will be proven helpful for you.

You are well familiar with the Netflix streaming service but sometimes when it starts giving problem, then this may upset and affect your streaming experience. Not only you but also more than 30% users are getting problem in connecting to the Netflix from windows 10 OS.

People use this service because they find the best and high-quality TV shows and movies on this platform, which are not available on any other service. The only thing required is ‘Internet connection’ and ‘Installation of Netflix’ on a smartphone or device. However, if you are getting problem after this, then you can either follow the steps mentioned below or go to TV help link.

  1. Download Flixter: Mainly 2 DLLs are required by Netflix for the proper functioning of this service on windows 10. The names of these 2 are VCLibs120 and PlayReady client 2. If these two DLLs are available in the system, then there is no need to install Netflix If you find any problem after this, then uninstall the app, Open windows app store and click on ‘Flixter’ app. Install the Netflix app again from the windows store.
  2. Check updates for windows: You can fix the streaming problem by checking updates for windows. To check and install the windows update, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Open the start menu and click on ‘windows’ update.
  • Open the app and click on ‘Check update’.
  • If a new update is available, download and install it.

You can try installing Silverlight on the computer and play Netflix content through it. In case you find any problem, you can contact ‘Netflix help center’.

  1. Update display drivers: Sometimes the issue with drivers may create a streaming You must update the drivers timely and check no file is missing in the drivers.

To update drivers, you need to open the Microsoft official website and enter the windows OS version installed in your computer. You will find the drivers update available for installation for free.

  1. Try installing the app again: First of all, uninstall the currently installed app then download the app from app This may sometimes solve the problem. Remember to restart the PC after installing the app again.
  2. Use of different media player: If you are playing Netflix content from GOM player, then try playing through windows media player or other media players available online.

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