Three Ways To Save Data With The Netflix App

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Netflix can be accessed on a wide number of platforms, but there is one thing that will be common, i.e., the data consumed by Netflix. No matter where you access Netflix content, if you are running on a limited data, then that will be exhausted in no time. Therefore, you need to find ways to save data while accessing Netflix content.

Netflix allows you to save data in three ways by reducing video quality, restricting data via 4G or downloading the films and series in advance. This tip explains all three options.

Watching movies and series via Netflix costs a lot of data when you are on the move. Fortunately, you can take measures yourself to ensure that Netflix uses less data. In this tip we explain which three actions you can take for this.

Save data with Netflix

Netflix lets you watch movies and TV series via the mobile network and Wi-Fi. When viewing via the 4G network, Netflix chooses the best trade-off between data consumption and image quality. If you want to control your data usage, there are three ways to ensure that you use less data with Netflix:

We discuss the various options below.

1. Watch Netflix via Wi-Fi only

Prevent data from being used via 4G at all by setting the Netflix app so that you can only download and stream via Wi-Fi. You set this via the side menu, which you can reach by tapping the hamburger icon in the top left of the screen. Go to App Settings and turn on the switch at Only via Wi-Fi. Now you no longer have to worry about accidentally looking through your mobile data bundle.

You can also block mobile data for Netflix by going to Settings > Mobile network. Scroll down until you see the red-black Netflix icon and turn the switch off.

2. Choose a lower image quality

Netflix offers you five options for image quality when viewing via the 4G network: low, normal, high, unlimited and automatic. In addition, you can disable viewing via the 4G network, as explained above. You can find these options via the side menu: go to App Settings> Mobile data usage and you will see a list of options.

Normally Netflix uses approximately one gigabyte per two hours of viewing. You can also opt for a lower data consumption, whereby the image quality slightly decreases. You can watch four hours with one gigabyte. Try it yourself to see if the image quality is acceptable to you.

3. Watch Netflix offline

The easiest way to save data with Netflix is ​​to download the TV series and movies at home, so that you can watch them offline.

You can choose from standard image quality or high quality. You set this via the side menu: go to App settings> Image quality and choose Standard or Higher. With a higher image quality, downloads do take up more storage space on your device. Hope you are able to save data and use it to do other things.

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