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Netflix Create Bot On Facebook That Recommends Movies According To Emojis

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Netflix celebrated World Emoji Day on July 17 with the launch of a Facebook bot that recommends movies and series for users of the streaming service. Recomoji, the platform generates suggestions of titles to watch when receiving emojis by Messenger. The robot is able to recognize the feeling transmitted by the face to offer movies corresponding to the theme. A happy face, for example, will make the system send a recommendation for comedy titles.

Recomoji also informs links to watch the movie on Netflix and has buttons to refuse the suggestion or save the title in favorites within the chat. The service is available to everyone through the company’s Facebook page. To learn how to use Netflix’s emoji recommendation system, you can go through the steps that you can find in the section below.

Here’s how to use Emoji’s recommendation system to learn about new Netflix movies.

Step 1: Access the link ( to access the Netflix bot in Messenger web.

Step 2: Check the “Continue as (Facebook username)” button.

Step 3: Select the “Start” option to start the conversation with the bot.

Step 4: Click the happy face icon to open all the emoji pictures of the chat.

Step 5: Click on one of the emoji so that it is loaded in the text box of the conversation.

Step 6: Press “Send” to receive a movie suggestion in the conversation.

Step 7: The suggestion is sent according to the feeling related to emoji. You can interact with the options “Watch now”, “Watch later” or “I do not care”, as in the image below.

Step 8: If you choose “I do not care” or “new recommendation,” the bot will offer another title through the chat. You can save it as a favorite by clicking the “Watch Later” option.

Step 9: Use the “Back to the menu” button to go back to the bot’s recommendations start screen.

Step 10: To see the titles that you favored by the chat, select the option “My favorites”.

Step 11: The titles will appear listed on the screen. You can remove favorites or use the “Watch Now” button to be redirected to your Netflix account through your PC browser.

This is how you can use Facebook emoji recommendation system. The process is extremely easy to perform and you can follow all the steps in order to get emojis of the movies that you want to watch on Netflix.

Therefore, you just need to go through the steps in order to enjoy the tips to get to know new Netflix movies in a relaxed way. In case, you come across any issues while performing the steps, then you should get in touch with Netflix help and support facility. They will assist you in the right way regarding getting Facebook emoji recommendation system.

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