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Netflix Brings Smart Download To iPhone And iPad

Netflix Download To iPhone And iPad

Smart Download, the function that turns Netflix into an even more powerful streaming device, finally arrives on the iPhone and iPad. The feature was available on many other platforms, which is why Apple iPhone and iPad users were clamoring for it because they too wanted to enjoy the ‘smart download’ feature on their devices. Now, the feature has finally made its way into Apple devices, it will be interesting to see how it performs, but first, let’s find out how it works.

After having tested the function in the summer of 2018, which is already active for all Android users, Netflix also brings the Smart Download function to iOS, which makes viewing TV series more convenient, automating the download and deletion process. To know how this feature works, read on.

Just as already appreciated on Android devices, Smart Download is a new feature that automatically manages downloads of your favorite series. It is activated automatically and allows you to download episodes of a TV series in a smart and automatic way. Example: you already have the first three episodes of a series; Netflix will download the fourth one and eliminate the first one after watching. And so on.

Therefore, when you finish watching a downloaded episode, Smart Download downloads the next one, but only when the phone connects to the first available Wi-Fi network; at the same time, it eliminates the episodes already seen from the terminal, thus freeing up space on the device.

How to activate Smart Download

Select the icon with the arrow below “download”. From there, use the toggle to activate or deactivate the function.

The same operation can also be performed from the “Other” menu of Netflix. From here, under the Smart Download section, you will be able to use the on/off switch to activate and deactivate the function.

As already mentioned, Smart Download works only under a Wi-Fi network, so it is not possible to activate the download mechanism using the 4G connection of your smartphone. It is a system, which is surely going to attract people, who want to watch Netflix content after downloading it. In this way, it will not be necessary to manage the download queues, but we will be able to concentrate more on viewing the contents.

If you are also looking forward to using Netflix’s ‘Smart Download’ feature, then you need to follow the process mentioned above. The smart download feature enables you to watch your favorite Netflix content whenever you want and wherever you want. If the internet signal quality is poor, even then, you can watch the content in the best quality because you have already downloaded the content on your devices.


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