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How To Troubleshoot Netflix NW-3-6 Error?

Netflix NW-3-6 Error

We offer the best support for Netflix app, so if you encounter any error while watching your favorite Netflix content on the streaming device, let it be Netflix NW-3-6 error, then you can log onto Netflix Activate xyz website or call us at our Netflix tech support number.

It is a well-known fact that errors occur for a specific reason, and if you know what that reason is, then you can easily fix the error. If you have no idea about the occurrence of the error, then you will have some trouble fixing it, but eventually, you will.

The error in discussion today is Netflix NW-3-6 error, which occurs when you are watching your favorite movies or TV shows on your streaming device. Let us find out as to why this error originates and how to vanquish it.

The NW-3-6 error is one of the recurring failures that the Netflix application can display on multiple devices. Due to this, you will find that Netflix app not working. The reason is known to be related to a device or network connection configuration problem.

There is a solution to the malfunction and, in a few steps; you can give play in your favorite movies and TV series. Here’s how to solve Netflix’s NW-3-6 error on video game consoles, Blu-ray devices, and smart TVs of various models.

Restart your device

Regardless of where the error occurs, the first step in resolving it is to restart the device. When reconnected, the console, Blu-ray player or smart TV can connect properly to the network and automatically regain access to Netflix.

Reset your internet modem

Because the problem is related to the connection, there are chances, according to Netflix, that a modem reset resolves. To do this, disconnect your Internet device from the wall outlet and disconnect the optical fiber cable if any. Plug the device back into the wall outlet and reconnect the cable that carries the broadband signal. Wait for all the lights to come on and try Netflix again. Go to if Netflix fails to launch.

Reconfigure your DNS

Consoles may have connection problems when DNS is manually programmed – to use Google’s, for example. One of the ways to attempt to regain access to Netflix is ​​by returning it to the default DNS. To do this, access the network (or internet) settings of your video game and leave DNS on automatic. The solution holds true for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Use cable connection

If DNS auto configuration goes awry, Netflix advises connecting the device directly to the modem/router via cable. Use an Ethernet cable to connect a console, TV or Blu-ray device physically to the internet and try playing videos in the streaming service.

Turn off VPNs

If your connection is tunneled through a VPN, it is recommended that you disconnect the virtual private network to connect to Netflix. According to official service support, redirecting the connection may affect the playback of content on the platform and result in error NW-3-6. It is important that users must refrain from redirecting their connection especially in between the process of watching movies and TV shows.

This was all about fixing Netflix NW-3-6 error, so if you are still not sure as to how to get rid of this error, then you better take help Netflix to find the right solution to this error.

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