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How To Overcome The Problems Encountered On Netflix In Windows 10?

Netflix In Windows

With the help of simple steps you can easily troubleshoot the problems encountered on Netflix in Windows 10. No such issue prevails in Netflix that can’t be solved. So, you must go through the steps and follow them in the same order.

You might know, that Netflix is among the top rated streaming apps in the world today. There are more than hundreds of users who use the Netflix app on a routine basis and the reason being its quality and quantity. You will find best and exclusive content on Netflix that doesn’t include in other streaming apps. However, if you started getting the problem, then how to fix it? Well, don’t be impatient, just go through the steps that will help you fixing Netflix problem on windows 10.

  1. Download Flixter:

 There are mainly 2 DLLs required by Netflix for functioning on windows 10. One is VCLibs120 and another one is PlayReadyclient 2. If these two DLLs are already installed, then the Netflix app will exclude these stuff. If in case these two DLLs are absent, you will find a problem with streaming. Follow the steps to fix this problem:

  • Uninstall the Netflix
  • Open ‘Windows store’ app.
  • Find ‘Flixter’ app.
  • Install Netflix app by searching the same in the windows store.
  1. Check windows update:

You can try fixing the issue by updating windows through Microsoft webpage. If you don’t know the steps to check the updates, then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to ‘Start menu’ and click on ‘Windows update’.
  • Open the app and click on ‘Check for update’.
  • If any new update is available, then download it and install.

You can also download and install Silverlight on your computer to play content from Netflix. In case of any problem, you can contact Netflix support.

  1. Update display drivers

The driver can also create an issue at times. You must ensure that the drivers installed in Windows 10 are updated and doesn’t have any missing files.

To update the drivers of your computer, you can open the website of device manufacturer from internet explorer and download from there. This may take some time but you need to be patient.

  1. Try installing the app again

To install the app again, you need to first uninstall it from the device, then download the app from the app store. This may fix the problem. After uninstalling the app, don’t forget to restart the PC, this will clear all files from the memory.

  1. Use the different multimedia player

You can try playing Netflix on GOM Player. This player works on codecs. Using this player, you can easily open the Netflix app and by making use of codecs, the content will start playing.

How to fix other common Netflix problems?

If you are facing any issue other than above mentioned one, then you can take help of technical executives sitting at the helpdesk. You can even resolve the issue by discussing with the expert over chat. Netflix has well-supported app for Windows 10 OS. At the same time, we also know that Windows 10 is not that rugged and reliable as Windows 8 and other previous OS. If you want to play Netflix content, then you have to satisfy the pre-requirements.

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