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How To Install Netflix On Android Phones In Root?

Netflix On Android Phones

Users who like to tinker with their smartphones may not be able to enjoy the Netflix app on Android root devices. Generally, this is done by anyone who wants to have greater control over the operating system of his or her cell phones. Therefore, they erase the version of Android that comes from the factory, usually full of changes and some limitations, and install a pure edition of Google’s OS.

The problem is that Netflix has decided to block the installation of their application on devices with Android “rooted”, which is quite inconvenient for those who like to try different versions of the operating system and still enjoy the series and movies made available by the platform.

The reason for this block? Well, it prevents users from circumventing Netflix’s geographic location system, which would allow them to access content only available outside the country. This adds up to the application blocking for VPN users or other services that show the app a location other than where you actually are.

However, there is a way to root in your mobile phone, but continue using Netflix, since even the company preventing the installation of the application, once installed, everything works normally. Here’s what you should do.

Seeking alternative ways

The best way to circumvent Netflix’s control over installing the app on your phone is to not do it through the Google Play Store. If you try to download the app over there, you’ll realize that this is impossible on your Android with root. So you’ll need to download the APK file from the program and install it on your mobile phone without the involvement of Google’s online store.

APK files are the packages that contain an application to be installed on your mobile phone. There are several places where you can get APKs directly to your smartphone, such as other application stores – from Amazon, for example – or through sites that can extract the file provided by the Google Play Store itself.

It is worth remembering that this procedure isn’t illegal, but it can be dangerous. An APK file of doubtful origin may be infected and cause irreversible damage to your device. Know what you are downloading and be very careful what you install on your phone.

How to install Android apps via APK Pure?

1) Access the APK Pure service on your desktop or notebook computer.

2) Now, on your computer, visit the Netflix app page on the Google Play Store.

3) Copy the URL of the Netflix app page into the Google Play Store and paste it into the text box available on the APK Pure site in the upper right corner of the screen.

4) On the next page, click “Download APK” so that the file is saved on your computer.

5) With that done, connect your Android smartphone “rooted” to your computer and transfer the APK file to the internal storage of your device.

6) Using a file manager available on your mobile phone, select the APK to be installed.

Note: In order for Android to run a file whose origin is unknown, usually the ones that are not downloaded directly from the Play Store, it must be prepared for it. Go to your Android settings and go to “Security.” Inside, enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to use Netflix’s streaming service on your mobile phone, no matter what you did on Android.

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