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How To Fix ‘Netflix Not Working’ Problem?

Netflix Not Working

We offer help and support for Netflix regardless of the issue and its severity. If you are facing issues while accessing Netflix, then you can take help from our experts. The most common issue in the app is Netflix not working and if you are dealing with it, then call us at our Netflix tech support number.

Netflix is a streaming service that has completely transformed the entertainment world. It’s been many years since Netflix is providing excellent streaming service, and there isn’t any other streaming service that has come closer to Netflix. Millions of users have subscribed to Netflix and are watching its content on a daily basis. Netflix is a professional service with hardly any downtimes, but it is a software app, so nothing can be taken for granted.

The problem of ‘Netflix not working’ has haunted many Netflix users in the past and it continues to do so as you read this post. However, why Netflix stops working suddenly? Is it due to an error in the Netflix system or did the user do anything wrong to halt the functioning of Netflix? Whatever the reason is, if you are dealing with ‘Netflix not working’ issue, then here is what you are going to do to fix it.

  1. Enter correct login details

The most common reason why Netflix stops working is when you enter incorrect login details. So, make sure that the login details entered by you are correct or else you won’t be able to access your Netflix my account. If you have forgot your username and/or password, then you can click on ‘Forgot Username’ and/or ‘Forgot Password’ options to retrieve either or both things.

  1. Netflix not working at home

If you are not able to stream anything from Netflix at home, then there might be some issue with the internet because there couldn’t be any other reason for the problem. You need a minimum speed of 0.5 Mbps (although 1.5 Mbps is recommended). To stream videos in SD quality, Netflix requires 3 Mbps of speed whereas the speed requirement increases to 5 Mbps for HD quality. If you are sure that the internet speed at your home is good and videos streaming on other devices take place in HD quality and without any buffering, then there is some issue with the Netflix app. Contact Netflix help center to fix the problem. If you think that the problem is related to the internet, then contact your ISP.

  1. Netflix not working on smartphones and tablets

If Netflix is not working on your iOS or Android mobile devices, then you need to check whether you have turned on the cellular network on those devices. If yes, then you need to turn that off because the cellular network is not as fast and seamless as a broadband network.

If the internet is not working on your device, then you need to turn on ‘Airplane mode’ or you can restart your device as well.

If the problem doesn’t resolve, then you will have to uninstall the app and then, reinstall it.

In case you come across error 1011 or 1012 on your iPhone or iPad while using Netflix, then you need to go to the device’s settings menu followed by scrolling down until you see Netflix app list. Once you find it, tap ‘Reset’ option and then, press ‘Home’ button on the device followed by restarting Netflix app again.

Android device users usually see error 12001 while accessing Netflix app, so what they can do is, they can go to ‘Settings’ on their device, then tap ‘Application Manager’ followed by tapping ‘Netflix’. Then, they will have to tap ‘Clear Data’ option on the screen followed by tapping ‘OK’. Finally, they need to restart the Netflix app.

  1. Too many people using a single Netflix account

You need to prevent this from happening. If multiple users are watching shows from a single Netflix account, then it can stop functioning in the right way, especially when you have subscribed to the basic plan. You can allow one more person to access the account in ‘Standard’ plan and four persons in ‘Premium’ plan, but not more than four.

  1. Netflix might actually be down

There could be a chance that Netflix is down from the server side, so if that is the case, then you will have to check the company’s official website for any updates regarding the issue.

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