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How To Download And Install The Netflix App On LG’s Smart TV?

Netflix App On LG

We offer the most conscientious support for the Netflix app. If you have downloaded and installed Netflix on your LG smart TV, which was working fine all these months, but recently, Netflix not working on smart TV, then call us at our Netflix tech support number.

Netflix app can be installed on any smart TV, let it be from Sony, Samsung, LG or any other brand. If you own an LG smart TV and want to know how to download and install Netflix app on it, then you need to go through the next sections of the post.

Most smart TVs from LG already come with Netflix installed, but there are cases where you cannot find the streaming platform between the available apps and you need to download it.

The procedure is quite simple and can be done directly on the TV, through the LG Content Store. The application is available for free, but it is worth remembering that to watch the series and movies, the user needs to sign the service, which is charged on a monthly basis.

You can go through the step-by-step instructions to install the Netflix app on LG smart TV. The tutorial was done on a device with the WebOS 3.7.0 system, but the procedure is the same in other versions. Before you start with set up Netflix, make sure your smart TV is connected to the Internet.

Installing Netflix app

Step 1. Press the “Home” button on your remote control just above the directional arrow.

Step 2. By pressing this button, you will open the Smart menu of your TV. Using the directional button to the sides, navigate the menu screen to the LG Content option and press “Ok”.

Step 3. On the LG Content Store screen, navigate with the right directional arrow to the “Applications and Games” option and press “Ok” again.

Step 4. On this screen, you will use the directional button down and will navigate the left side menu, going to “All” to display all available application categories. Then select “Entertainment” and proceed.

Step 5. The right application grid will show all available entertainment applications in alphabetical order. In this case, just use the directional buttons to select the Netflix app. Make sure to do this carefully, or else you will get Netflix error.

Step 6. When you press the confirmation button in the chosen application, just select “Install” and press “Ok” to begin the installation.

Step 7. After the download, the “Install” option will become the “Start” button. From there, just open the application, enter your credentials and start watching.

Uninstall Netflix app

Step 1. From the home screen, press the “Home” button. Once the available applications are appearing on the screen, hold the “Ok” button for at least three seconds. The edit mode will appear on the screen.

Step 2. In edit mode, you can organize and delete the downloaded applications – the TV itself gives instructions on how to do it. Choose the Netflix app and press the up arrow. Once the “X” to delete appears, press “Ok”.

Step 3. When the message appears asking if you are sure you want to delete, press “Yes” to complete.

With this, you can install and uninstall Netflix app in a smooth manner respectively. If you come across any issue while installing the app, then you can get in touch with Netflix help center for the best assistance.

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